Vector Analyser Quasi-optical Measurement Table

The AB network analyser is a powerful tool for measuring amplitude and phase from
waveguide source to waveguide detector across the THz band.

Power is transmitted from one corrugated horn, connected to the AB transmitter, off an
elliposidal mirror and through the sample under test. The beam then passes through an
identical mirror and horn into the AB Mixer

The "S" circuit minimises X-polar and higher order mode conversion within the Circuit.

Here are detailed photographs of the horns and mirrors:

The QO bench is now working in Bern: The whole instrument measuring at 640 GHz
looks like:

Here are a set of images of measurements being performed at 128 GHz. The first is looking
at the transmission of the corrugated horns alone:

and then trasmission through the QO bench, which forms a 10mm beamwaist between the
mirrors. In the 128 GHz Band, losses of horn QO horn combination are below 1dB.

Here we have a closeup of a horn/mirror combination:

And at the higher and much harder frequency of 640 GHz