How do TK and QMC Instruments Ltd customers use our products & systems?


TK Instruments built and tested 134 calibrators for the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) telescopes in Chile at a total cost of 1.25 million Euros.

Fusion Diagnostics

JET, the Joint European Torus, is the EU's central Tokomak fusion Experiment. Over many years we have supplied cooled detector systems for both ECE (electron cyclotron emission) and Interferometry.

Atmospheric Remote Sensing

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory use TK's Power Meter to develop receivers for their Microwave Limb Sounder

Antenna Development

Dr. Pat Foster of MAAS used Thomas Keating's toolmaking services to manufacture her prototype antennas.

Electron Spin Resonance

Farran Technology have subcontracted the design and manufacture of HE11 guide and corrugated feed horns for equipment they are building for a Berlin-based ESR research group.

Free Electron Lasers

The University of California at Santa Barbera's Quantum Institute uses a range of our detectors - both InSb and Si bolometers, as well as TK's Power Meter - to detect radiation from their Free Electron Laser

Materials Characterisation

The US National High Magnetic Fields Laboratory in Tallahasse use our B-Field tuned InSb detectors to see radiation passed though cold samples in high magnetic fields.

Network Analysers

We have been developing a Quasi-optical Network Analyser with the Electrical Engineering Department at Leeds University.