Gaussian beam-mode design CAD packages for Windows

We offer two type of CAD package for sale. The first is is 2-D package that we have been selling for a while and is use by us for simple designs, on a day-to-day basis, the details of which are presented below. The second is a package of 3-D routines for PTC's Pro/Engineer Wildfire program.

3-D Pro/E version

Recently when have succeeded in porting these routine to Pro/E, our big 3-D design package and these routines are also available for purchase.

3-D Pro/E image of the internal optics for the Pulse Radar on EarthCARE, showing beams at W and 1.7W level, looking for mechanical truncation.



More details in a paper for the 2008 IR and MMWaves meeting at Caltech are given here with examples. The current manual V4.1, for CREO 2 can be downloaded here









2-D ParaCAD+ version


Windows full 32-bit mechanical CAD package based around CADlogic's paraCAD+ with embedded routines to analyse and design Quasi-optical circuits. CAD features include full associativity, automatic dimensioning and parametric design. paraCAD+ has been well reviewed  and we consider it better than Autocad as a 2-D drafting package.

Using fundamental gaussian beam-mode analysis, routines are available to

  • Propagate gaussian beam-modes
  • Find the position of beamwaists
  • Estimate X-polar and higher order beam mode generation by off-axis mirrors.
  • Predict the cross coupling between beams
  • Predict the gain of quasi-optical antennas.
  • Form lenses and off-axis mirrors
  • Calculated the form of horns to give desired beams

Propagating beams are represented by contours of 1/e amplitute radius, and a `three-point' notation displays both amplitude and curvature of a beam.

The screen image shows beams propagating through a 140 GHz interferometer for electron density plasma diagnostic measurements.

For more details contact:

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