Over the last 20 years TK has built a significant range of Bridges operating above 100 GHz for the ESR community.

Typical of the novel sysytems - using  swept source rather than swept B field is this high frequency system working in Stuttgart with Petr Neugebauer

Stuttgart Bridge A2D ESR  

and details of a neutron scattering bridge for Johns Hopkins can be found here



Customers have included MIT, NHMFL, Cornell, Illinois, UF Gainesville, Northeastern, Northwestern Universities in the US. In Europe, groups in Pisa, EPFL Lausanne, Grenoble, Saclay, Muelheim, Berlin, Frankfurt and St Andrews, among others have our hardware. For example, here are details of a spectometer supplied to EPFL in Switzerland

MnO/MgO powder at 216.5 GHz measured in Tallahassee

Section of a QO Bridge designed on our GBM CAD system.

Graham Smith of St Andrew's University in Scotland explains the technical advantages of the use of:

These core technologies - supplied by TK and QMCI - are driving the achievements of many of the world's high field ESR labs. We are not new to this activity.... here is for from nearly 20 years ago:

A full QO Bridge supplied to the NHMFL in the late 1990's


Brochures of our systems can be found here and here