Low-X-polar compact antennas delivered to NSSC, Beijing

TK have designed and manufactured a set of five dual polarisation Lens/Corrugated horns antennas for China's National Space Science Centre in Beijing, operating from 10.5 GHz to 92 GHz



The antenna have very demanding X-polar specficiation (lower than -26dB), which require novel blooming of the lenses, visible above, and in the HFSS model below - the latter generated by our colleague Dr. Soe Min Tun, who performed the electromagnetic design



with typical predicted antenna patterns given below



Horns and all but one of the OMT's were made by electroforming



The S11 return loss  was measured to be in-spec at the UK's National Physical Laboratory




giving required S11 performaance - here in the  36-38 GHz  range in both polarisations




The horns are, so we understand, destined to fly on an NSSC aircraft to perform water-vapour and oxygen rotation-line measurements, with improved weather forcasting as an objective.

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