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On our way to the Galilean system

TK is finishing up its work on providing hardware to go on ESA's JUICE mission to the Galilean moons - specifically for the THz radiometer on board.   A montage of JUICE's planetary objectives - emphasising the high magnetic field present       The SWI instrument (SWI) will look at the temperature structure, composition and dynamics of Jupiter's stratosphere as well as the thin atmospheres and exospheres of three of four of the moons first seen by Galileo in the winter of 1610 using his newly invented telescope: Ganymede, Europa and Callisto - just missing out on Io, the most inner one. The SWI - by looking at emissions from the rotation lines of a range of trace gas...
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MADMAX: TK provides quasi-optical antenna for Axion hunt

Axions are hypothetical zero spin (scalar) particles whose existance has been postulated as part of an explanation of Charge/Parity symmetry of the strong force. The Standard Model of Particle Physics provide no direct explanation as to why the product of Charge Conjugation and Parity are conserved by the strong force - experimental evidence (such as the absence of any electrical diple moment in the Neutron) suggest that CP is conserved to very high precision. An additional field and spontaniously broken symmetry provide a possible explanation, and the symmtery breaking process generates the Axion. The mass of the Axion is not predicted and interest has grown as a possible candidate for the ...
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TK/QMCI's contribution to the Event Horizon Telescope

TK and QMC Instruments has been privileged to supply - over the last decade - many of the receiver components used by the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration to generate the first image at 1.3mm (230 GHz) of the supermassive black hole in Messier 87 .     (Image from EHT)   The Event Horizon Telescope is make up of many mm-wave telescopes and arrays of telecopes to provide the long baseline (the size of the Earth) to give the necessary angular resolution to resolve the area around the Black Hole.     (Credit European Southern Observatory for the map)   For the Hawaii-based Submillimeter Array (SMA) of the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonia...
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Apprentice Fair in Horsham

TK is recruiting toolmaking apprentices to start their training in September, and we all enjoyed our day at the Apprentice Fair on Saturday, 9th March in Horsham's Drill Hall: Left to right - Works Manager Stuart Froud, TK apprentice Zac Freeman and Apprentice Supervisor David Cox showing potential apprentices and their parents what we do. On the table - sitting on our Queen's Award for Exports flag, are a set of parts made for instruments for which will be put into Space.   Applications are still open - contact David Roberts at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details  

MetOP-SG Ice Clould Imager Ground Target shipped to Bern

TK, along with the Institute of Applied Physics in Bern , has been working on set of ground based targets targets for calibrating the Ice Cloud Imager instrument to be flown on Sat-B of the EUMETSAT's MetOp-SG satellite programme, being developed by AIRBUS in Spain These provide precise known radiometric temperatures to calibrate the instrument:  for ICI over the 183-664 GHz range, using very low reflection wedges, and novel cryogenic cooling system provided by our co-supplier, IABG in Germany Images of the assembled system can be seen below, after final assembly in our clean rooms.      

TK hand-delivers large QO Materials bench to IETR Rennes

Mid-december gave Trevor Walker and Richard Wylde the fun of driving - on the wrong side of the road - a trailer from Caen to Rennes in Brittany: We were delivering a seriously large (operating down to 12 GHz) four mirror (sums-of-focal-length) Quasi-Optical bench to the Institut d'Électronique et de Télécommunications de Rennes ( IETR) laboratory. Destined for measurement to charaterise materials for advanced antennas, the systems have been supplied to our client Dr. Laurent de Coq via our French Agent, Alex Gerby of  Arva.   W e were please to measutre sub 1dB S21 losses though the system.   Left to right: Laurent de Coq, Trevor Walker, Richard Wylde and Alex Gerby TK a...
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