New Electroforming Manager (May 2013)

Simon Croucher joins Thomas Keating as Electro-forming Manager to oversee the expansion of our electro-forming business. Simon’s experience covers many years in the electro-plating industry and with working along side our highly skilled toolmaking section, Thomas Keating can offer highly complex electro-formed parts for the defence, scientific and  space industries.

Waveform's microwave business - transfer to TK

Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE Waveguides made by John Dye     One of John's bath's now working flat out at TK     Our very long standing colleague, John Dye of Waveform (Electroforming) Ltd is passing his microwave electroforming business to us, and is releasing the following letter to his customers. We have huge respect for John and the work he has done for us and others and we hope to be able (and it will be quite a challenge) to follow in his footsteps.                          As you will be aware I passed retirement age a few years ago and now Roy, who has been with Waveform since I established the company back in 1988, h...
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ALMA Opening

Richard Wylde was privileged to be asked by ESO to the ALMA opening ceremony in the Atacama desert in Northern Chile in early March 2013.   ALMA has nearly all of its 66 Telescopes now connected to form a very high resolution interferometric telescope. (When you scale the 16 Km ALMA baseline using its operation wavelengths, you get a higher angular resolution than, say, the Hubble telescope operating in the visable). The trip also took him to the High Site where the antennas are placed - a little above 5000 Metres, where the air pressure is not much more than half that at sea level. Richard Wylde at the high site Tasked with looking star and galaxy formation at high red shifts in the ea...
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Planck Science papers release

The first set of CMB results for the Planck mission were released on the 21st March 2013. They showed an amazing fit to the standard Lambda/Cold Dark Matter model, at least at at high multipoles - there's more of a puzzle with very broad angles (Low multipole moment). Along with defining the main cosmological parmeters (How much Baryonic & Dark matter, and how much Dark Energy makes up our flat Universe) to very high precsion , and limiting the allowable Inflationary models, the power spectrum make a strong case that there are only three types of Neutrinos.  The technical broadcast from a number of Planck scientists is well worth the 90 minutes connected to your computer screen. Wit...
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Weight of TK1813 cryostat reduced

  10th August 2012: In response to customer feedback, we have reduced the weight of our most popular helium bath cryostat - the TK1813 - by over 25%. A TK1813 now weighs just 14.5 kg empty, and 16 kg when full. Despite now being much easier to handle, other aspects of the design, including all safety features and a helium hold time of up to a week, remain the same.  

PR from our CAM Software supplier

There is quote a nice article from our CADCAM  supplier - EdgeCAM - which can be found here - on our activities.