Planck Science papers release

The first set of CMB results for the Planck mission were released on the 21st
March 2013. They showed an amazing fit to the standard Lambda/Cold Dark Matter
model, at least at at high multipoles - there's more of a puzzle with very broad
angles (Low multipole moment). Along with defining the main cosmological parmeters
(How much Baryonic & Dark matter, and how much Dark Energy makes up our flat
Universe) to very high precsion, and limiting the allowable Inflationary models,
the power spectrum make a strong case that there are only three types of

The technical broadcast from a number of Planck scientists is well worth the 90
minutes connected to your computer screen.

With acknowledgements to ESA and our Planck team colleagues, here's the false
colour map. This  is what the universe looked at some 380 thousand years after
the start,  some 13.8 Gyears ago.


 Full CMB


and the power spectrum, with the six parameter Lambda/CDM fit.







ALMA Opening
Weight of TK1813 cryostat reduced

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