ESA's Jupiter moon mission radiometer - JUICE SWI - hardware componennts to be built by TK

TK is really excited to have been awarded the design and manufacturing contract for corrugated feed horns and polarizing wire grids for the IAP, University of Bern, designed Quasi-Optics of the Sub-millimetre Wave Instrument (SWI) on ESA's Jovian mission JUICE. SWI is being developed by an international consortium under the lead of the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS) in Germany. An image of the SWI instrument can be seen below:


Details of both the overall JUICE mission is available on ESA's WWW site  and the SWI can be found at MPS's site here and a detailed technical description here, from which the abstract is reproduce below:

The Submillimetre Wave Instrument (SWI) is part of the JUICE (Jupiter ICy moon Explorer) payload. SWI’s primary scientific objectives are the investigation of the middle atmosphere of Jupiter and the atmospheres and exospheres of the Galilean satellites. SWI will contribute to the understanding of the circulation regime in the atmosphere of Jupiter as a function of latitude and altitude, how the various atmospheric regions are dynamically coupled, and how the energy originating in Jupiter’s interior vertically propagates to the upper layers to be radiated in space. In this sense SWI complements the Juno mission. Furthermore SWI will determine important isotopic radios, monitor and trace known gases and search for new molecules. SWI will – for the first time – investigate the density, structure and distribution of the water atmospheres of Ganymede, Callisto and Europa from ground up to a few hundred km, determine its isotopic composition and general circulation. Io’s volcanic atmosphere will be studied through lines of SO2, SO, NaCl, and perhaps other species.. The secondary scientific objectives concerns the determination of thermophysical properties of the Galilean satellite surfaces by radiometric observations.

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