Mechanically cooled cryostats


We offer mechanically cooled cryostats both as part of complete detector systems and also individually. As standard, our systems offer convenient cold plate access, four optical and two electrical access ports, and mechanical isolation to remove vibrations from the cold head from the cold plate. Cooling power can be chosen for your particular application, and both pulse tube cooled and GM systems are available. Cool-down times can be as low as 2 hours, and (depending on cooling power required) single phase electrical power can be used. Dimensions and numbers of ports can be modified to your requirements. Pulse tube coolers require no maintenance on the cold head; the compressor (which operates at room temperature) needs maintenance only after 20 000 hours of operation - this is more than 2 years of constant use.


TES in Rome

A detector in the Museo Nazionale Romano in Rome...

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