Cryogenic equipment

We offer a range of cryogenic equipment suitable for use with cryogenic detectors as well as other applications:

We can provide cryostats for mechanical coolers (pulse tube and GM) to your specifications, providing a large volume space for mounting detectors or other samples, and including windows for optical access. We also have a range of liquid helium bath cryostats, giving very high cryogenic efficiency (e.g. run-times of a month between helium transfers). Our cryostats are designed to offer the best possible environment for highly sensitive detectors, and they also provide a large volume space into which you can mount your own equipment. We also sell helium transfer tubes to use to fill the cryostats.

If lower temperatures are required to improve detector sensitivity or for other applications, we can provide sub-kelvin mini-fridges which mount onto the cold plate of a mechanical cooler or helium dewar. The helium-3 is entirely self-contained and there is thus no risk of losing helium-3 in normal operation; the only external interface is a four wire connection. We also offer a millikelvin temperature controller to read out thermometry at these temperatures, as well to as monitor and control the mini-fridge.

Sample manuals are available.