Liquid helium bath cryostats


We offer a range of helium bath cryostats suitable for cooling cryogenic detectors and other applications where long hold time, optical access, and easy access to the cryostat cold plate are required.

Following customer requests, we have redesigned our most popular helium bath cryostat, the 1813, to reduce the weight by over 25%.

Technical specifications (see here for details on the TK1810)

Model TK1813 TK1840  TK1865  TK1875 
Cold plate dia. (mm) 125 200 200 250
Liquid helium capacity (litres) 1.7 4.5 6.0 9.5
Liquid nitrogen capacity (litres) 1.4 4.3 6.5 10.0
Hold time, (typical, not including initial fill, in days, ports blanked) >6 > 20 > 30 > 45
                with broadband load 2-3 5 8 14-21
Liquid nitrogen hold time (approx., in hours) 18-28 36-48 60-80

> 90

Cryostat diameter (mm) 225 300 300 365
Cryostat height (excluding lifting handle) (mm) 510 560 710 710
Mass (empty) (kg) 14.5 (New!) 25 35  40
Models TK1813 to 1875 all have:
Ports (optical/electrical feedthroughs) Four on the side of the cryostat *
Maximum port clear aperture 28 mm (77 K radiation shield limit)
Electrical connector (standard) 10 pin low-voltage electrical connector
Optic axis height 20 mm
Headroom (when cold) 77 mm
* Downward looking optics also available. 

Our cryostats offer unparalleled cryogenic efficiency. Closed systems consume liquid helium at rates as low as 1 liquid litre per 10 days! Single-fill run-times of up to 1 month are available. Our cryostats are designed to offer the best possible environment for highly sensitive detectors, and they also provide a large volume space into which you can mount your own equipment.

The range currently consists of the following five standard designs:

Model TK1810 single Dewar bath cryostat
Model TK1813 dual reservoir cryostat
Model TK1840 dual reservoir cryostat
Model TK1865 dual reservoir cryostat
Model TK1875 dual reservoir cryostat


Special design cryostats

Standard cryostats are usually built to order in about eight weeks, though they are sometimes available as a stock item off the shelf. Bespoke cryostats can be designed and built to suit particular client needs.

All cryostats are fully tested and characterised before delivery. They are constructed by our sister company Thomas Keating Ltd., who purchased the design and manufacturing rights of Oxford Instrument Plc's series of bath cryostats in November 2000, maintaining the availability of these safe, easy-to-use, low liquid helium consumption, cryostats.

All designs are held in our Pro-Engineer CAD system allowing the customer full 3D visualisation. Here is a cut away section through a TK1865 cryostat: